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Manual Instrucciones Maquina Coser Wertheim pheoiphi




To view the list of affiliated stores (if any), click on the arrow icon to the left of the address field. The Store Locator does not indicate whether the store is currently open to the public. The list of affiliated stores may not represent the entire inventory of the seller. The seller may be affiliated with various online marketplace platforms. To view the seller's full profile, select the seller's name from the list of affiliates. For more information, contact the seller's customer service directly. Antique Sewing Machines Catalog Catalog Descriptive Catalogue of the Sewing Machines in the Possession of Mrs. E.H. Wertheim, Esq. With Advertisements for the Same . The Sewing Machine Builder and the Public Good. New York, D. Appleton, 195c. See on Comparing Prices, page 546. The Great American Sewing Machine. New York, D. Appleton, 1895. Sewing Machine, Tools and Accessories. New York, Wm. H. Wise & Co., 1907. Catalogue of the Sewing Machine Makers of America. Philadelphia, The Merit Press, 1916. The Sewing Machine, Historical, Commercial and Industrial. New York, The Platt & M.I.R. Co., 1919. Catalogue of the Wertheim Machine Co. New York, The Merit Press, 1929. Wertheim Wm. Sewing Machine Co The Wertheim Machine Co. was an early manufacturer of sewing machine bodies and attachments. The company was incorporated in 1869 by Edward Herbert Wertheim (1842 - 1923). The Wertheim family had been in the sewing machine business since about 1856, and Edward Herbert Wertheim's father, Nathaniel Wertheim (1814 - 1875), was a co-founder of the E.H.W. Co. in 1856. Edward Herbert Wertheim, who had been associated with his father in the E.H.W. Co., took over his father's business in 1869. Wertheim was one of the first manufacturers of machine attachments for the sewing machine, and was known for his innovations and innovations in the design of attachments. Wertheim also made improvements in the sewing machine itself, as well as in accessories such as sewing bags. In 1889 Wertheim moved his factory to New York City, and in 1913 the company was sold to Isaac




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Manual Instrucciones Maquina Coser Wertheim pheoiphi

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